Training Schemes

It’s part of our unique public service remit to make programmes that intrigue, educate and stimulate our audience. Our Production Training and Investigative Journalism Schemes offer the chance to get involved in creating or delivering the content that does this. Or if you find crunching the numbers more appealing, you could help develop our audience insights on our Graduate Data Science Programme.

Production Training Scheme & Production Apprenticeships

Our Production Training Scheme is open to anyone who wants to learn about what goes into making great television programmes.
Researchers work at the content end. You’ll get involved in the big idea, sourcing the information, contributors and editorial that make it come alive, and casting the personalities that ensure it’s essential viewing.

Graduate Data Scientist Programme

It’s our job to reflect our audience; to make them think and think again. Understanding who they are is key to this. Big Data has opened up intriguing new perspectives which enable us to get close to them as never before. You’ll help us to get even closer. In return, we’ll support you to study for your Masters at UCL on their Big Data Analytics programme.

Investigative Journalism

You won’t need previous television experience to take part in the Dispatches Investigative Journalism Training Scheme. But you will need a good eye for detail and an instinct for a good story. We’re looking for people who know how to investigate. You might be a lawyer, doctor, police officer or accountant. Similarly, you could be working in print journalism. Whatever your background, this is a chance for people with solid professional experience to transfer their skills and experience to work in investigative broadcast journalism.
Keep your eyes peeled for future opportunities by checking out the site here