• Trini-Maria Katakwe (TMK)

TMK Thoughts: trapped. tmk://iphone/notes/thoughts_trapped.// ‘I was trapped and enclosed to only know so much and see so much through the comfort of others what is scary is imagine I never let go I wouldn’t know the person I am today I wouldn’t know the beauty of what lied ahead of me I was trapped in a perspective that didn’t look out and further into a life I didn’t know my life became stagnated to one reality I changed my priorities and shifted my choices to the things that really mattered all I needed to be was my true self. I know there is some learning that I need to do it isn’t influenced by anyone else but the silent moments in my room with God it was direct communication I don’t care if I sound crazy but this was a clear precise instruction that I had to do opinions are opinions but knowing your why will always beat the opinions that go on externally…’