Travel Happy

Thomas Cook asked us to help it take its loved holiday brand into a consumer banking experience. Its ambition: to make holiday money management hassle-free for all.

Made For Happy Holidays

Whether you're waiting in Departures, or already away, simply swipe to buy your travel insurance by the day. We named it simply, Roam.

Swipe on. Swipe off.

The Thomas Cook Group is the oldest and best-known name in leisure travel with a history of innovation that started in 1841. Every year it takes nearly 20 million customers all over the world to destinations near and far. With expectations of travel changing, we've partnered with them to launch its new travel insurance app, Roam. Roam is the first product launch in a set of new mobile money management services set to come to market in 2018, it's just the start of Thomas Cook putting the customer at the heart of its business.

Everyone loves to Roam

The new logo, visual style, tone of voice and environments deliver an experience that is clear, confident and easy for customers young and old.

Further to go

In 2018 the Roam app will get geolocation – to remind you if you're not covered when you're away, and ApplePay to make payment even easier.


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