Travel software development

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Travel software development

Travel software development
Many people around the world love to travel and explore different places nationally or internationally. Because traveling is something that provides rest and refreshment and relieves stress as we do something really unique than ordinary days. In addition, planning a trip together with the family strengthens the bond and, in addition, helps to discover different cultures followed by various groups around the world. Therefore, in order to make your trip more comfortable and longer, there are many travel management agencies that provide the best services. In addition, many are interested in developing travel software to reduce their workload.

Short conclusions:
There are many applications available in the app store representing different business areas. Our travel management software is not only about booking flights, cars and accommodation, it is also exclusively about organizing travel partnerships with hotels, airlines, car rental companies and other related services.

Why us?
We at DataXDev are happy to start developing travel software. Our application developers know how to create easy-to-use and understandable solutions. They create solutions that easily fit your business requirements. Dedication and passion are the main reasons that distinguish us from others.

Application Features
- Booking clients
Your customer can log in with valid credentials and search for the required services from the list provided in the application. This feature allows your customer to view a list of services based on categories such as flights, cars, buses, hotels, etc. registered in the app. This feature allows them to select a service and view the corresponding rate tables. Your customer can view and reserve/book services based on categories by making a payment. Once services are booked/reserved, they receive a booking/booking confirmation message via SMS/email.
- Online ticket booking
Our travel software solutions allow your customers to view and book tickets online from anywhere as long as they are registered on the app. This feature allows them to reserve a ticket online, where your customer can instantly receive e-tickets by printing the ticket and downloading it. They will receive a booking confirmation message via SMS/email.
- Ticket system
Our travel software development allows your customers to keep track of confirmed/cancelled tickets and refunds. This feature helps app owners to manage distribution, which becomes hassle-free, and also helps end-users to book/reserve tickets, and also prevents post-booking inconvenience until the trip is completed.
- Tours and travel
This feature helps your customers search for nearby travel spots and travel agencies, or they can even search for a specific tour and travel packages based on the city and location. Using this feature, your customer can view different listings of tours and travel packages depending on the search location and prices. What's more, they can view detailed information about each travel agent and the packages they provide, and your client can select and book the best tours and travel agents/packages, and make payments. Once the booking has been confirmed, your customer will receive details of the travel and travel agents where they can contact them offline with a contact number.
- Routes
This feature gives a different list of tours and travel packages along with a display of itineraries. This feature allows your customers to enter a source and destination where they can view maps and route information of the entered location. Using this function, the application displays maps using Google maps, which will be integrated into the application. Using Google maps, the system will display the route if the bus/train goes to the same place on a different route. This feature makes it easy for your customer to understand the routes by tracking their journey in real time.
- Hotel booking function
This feature assumes that your client will search and view a list of hotels based on location and select a hotel from the list. Your client can also search for a hotel by price. This feature helps them to view the list of amenities and assists in choosing a hotel according to location with details such as hotel information, hotel reviews, photo gallery, room type and facility details, room rate by season/category, cancellation policy, offers . discounts and promotions. Using this feature, they can book a hotel room by adding the number of visitors, check-in/out date, time, and other basic details. Once the booking is completed, your customer will receive a booking confirmation message via SMS/email.
- Tour management
This feature allows your client to search for properties based on various factors such as travel agent and packages, transportation, hotel reservations, and tour. They can view and select services based on location, packages, prices, etc. Depending on the selection, your client can book a tour and use the services by making a payment and receiving a booking confirmation via SMS/email. Using this feature, the app owner can manage details and track information about online customer, travel agent, packages, transportation, hotel books and tours.
- Report generation
Our travel booking software includes reporting on clients, travel agents, packages, transportation, hotel books and trips. Your customer can create booking reports for trains, bus flights, hotels, etc. This feature helps them search and filter booking reports. Using this feature, your customer can easily download a PDF file for booking trains, bus flights, hotels, etc. The application also provides Excel export for booking services. They can view reports in a graphical representation based on services.