Tribune: Green Spaces for All

  • Emma Latham Phillips

Lockdown revealed how much we need the outdoors. As Mona Bani at May Gardens explains, “while some found this period bordering on pleasant, with increased time spent in the garden or with family, others found it hell. Covid-19 is one of the most striking social phenomenons we’ve had. On the surface, it was something we faced equally; in reality, it surfaced countless inequalities”. One inequality it highlighted was access to green space. As it stands, quality time in nature is reserved for the wealthy and white. For example, research reveals that white households are 4 x more likely than black households to have a private or shared garden and balcony. I spoke to Black Girls Hike, Nature is a Human Right, Solidaritree, Mosaic Outdoors and Fields in Trust about this issue for the Tribune. Read more here: This article has been shortlisted for the Active Travel Media Awards. Details of this year's nominations are here: