Turning Points: The Magnum Square Print Sale, in collaboration with The Everyday Project

  • Chiara Sozzi
  • Michael Sargeant
  • Bruno Bayley
  • Jade Chao
  • Vanesa Patrignani

In Turning Points Magnum Photos collaborated with The Everyday Project, a non-profit organisation and global photographic community that covers topics spanning climate change, mass incarceration, and is featured regularly in worldwide publications. 82 Magnum photographers and 31 Everyday Projects photographers presented images relating to events that changed the course of history, society, a life, or a practice. The sale coincided with the onset of Covid-19, which in itself represented a major Turning Point worldwide. Magnum photographers decided to donate 50% of their proceeds to MSF and Magnum secured a private-donor to match the amount raised during the sale. $1m was donated to MSF’s Covid-19 relief fund.

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