Twitter Quest: Into The Mainframe - D&AD

  • Lewis Coull

In response to D&AD/Twitter’s brief ‘Go 8-Bit’, I developed an in-browser platform we game that could sit within Twitter and act as a means of communication with its users. I wanted to work with the most recognisable part of Twitter, it’s logo and therefore began exploring ways I could bring the famous bird to life. Inspired by the messenger pigeon I developed a game on the bird and delivering tweets across Twitter whilst battling the Twitter trolls. I still wanted to find a way to bring the retro gaming community together with the new, current gaming community so created levels inspired by previous games. I thought it could be interesting to take current gaming into an 8-bit style whilst also bringing back elements of gaming, using nostalgia as a factor to draw in users. I also wanted to bring digital art into real life scenarios. Taking the idea of collectibles, I decided to create pixel art sculptures to be used as promotion for the game around busy cities and train stations. These sculptures would also display a hashtag for a new level. The game would also be advertised on social media and other sides which hashtags being hidden across the internet. This would create a large ‘digital treasure hunt’ with twitter users having to work together to unlock every new level.

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