• Erica Ciuffreda

This project is about designing with continuous text matter, its structure and its detail. This typographic study engages with “macro-typography” - the general visual concept, format, size, placing of type areas and the design of headings and captions - and “micro-typography” - the details of letters, fonts and punctuation and the relationship between letter-spacing and words, words-spacing and lines, and interlinear spacing and the columns of type. The publication uses the article Type builds character by Erik Spiekermann to analyse three typefaces - Futura, Bodoni and Rockwell - and their application in body text, headings and subheadings as well as their anatomy, size and weight. It is divided into 5 sections - typeface study, line feed, paragraphs and layout, formatting, creative typography. In the final section of the publication, dedicated to creative poetry, I approached the given text from a creative and playful point of view. I went through Type builds character by Erik Spierkermann several times to find words to weave together to create newborn poetic sentences, already existing in those lines.