UI for Elephant Art

  • Miranda Isaac

I was employed as a UI designer to work on-site with Elephant’s digital team, comprising Product Owner, UX designer, Systems Architect, Developer and me. The UX designer, Georgia Sugarman, had already started some comprehensive research which laid the foundations of the project. These constantly evolved and fed into our thinking around the structure and design of this website. Results of the re-design Following a 90 day sample pre and post launch. Users - 53K (up 67.1%) Revenue - £8.7K (up 41.1%) Sessions - 73K (up 59.3%) The Problem ’Elephant’ existed as a print magazine, produced 4 times/year with dense editorial and often edgy imagery. It had a loyal, but small readership in the art community and the magazine itself had just gone through a successful redesign by Kellenberger White. Elephant (owned by Colart) needed to engage with their readers on a daily basis, increase revenue via subscriptions and introduce readers to their ‘mother brand’ Colart who own several companies making art materials. The Solution A highly adaptable digital version of the magazine which allowed editorial staff to upload content into a series of well-designed modules and publish content daily, with the ultimate goal of driving readers to subscribe to the magazine.


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