Under the Duvet x VOXI

  • Lucy Stokton
  • lucie cave
  • Paul Collins-Reddin

Under the Duvet is heat magazines popular Youtube series where each week past islanders join host Jordan Lee, for a proper catch-up on all the latest villa gossip. This is a quick turn-around, time-sensitive show which further social, print and digital content are created from. Content covered: Stills for articles and print - to cover all the action A paid an Under the Duvet Insta-Zine, driving traffic to the content hub, where all Love Island coverage is collated. Branded stickers for Instagram, to be used in organic story activity. For this campaign, I structured the paid social content around Facebook’s Pitch > Play > Plunge strategy was implemented to create a campaign with different levels of engagement for the audience.

PITCH: Instazine

As a weekly traffic driver that supported the heatworld.com Love Island micro-site I felt it important to create a format that was consistent, fun and clear. When considering the user experience I set out to: 1. Stay true to heat’s brand. 2. Showcase the juicy snippets to drive the audience onto the site. 3. Not use video as heat’s social channels would be flooded with great content from the show, so I considered a variety of ways that the audiences digital experience could be differently delightful 4. Make the audience connect an action directly with a VOXI’s key messaging of Endless Social Media - by using the swipe left functionality on the carousel I knew this could be achieved. Tapping into the same muscle memory of endlessly trawling through the dating app Tinder would fit well for themes of love and dating. Instazine Example:
Further examples:

PLAY: Paid Instagram Story

The finale episode was an Under the Duvet extravaganza. Rather than the usual 2-3 guest islanders, there were 10 guests. As a supporting traffic driver to the latest episode, I wanted to showcase all of the talent to generate excitement in a playful format for the audience. Using the “pause and hold” was also beneficial because being a trending Instagram story mechanic reflected VOXI’s Endless Social Media key message.

PLUNGE: Paid Instagram Story - “Sequence”

For the finale week activity I wanted to use a third social activation to drive people to re-watch the whole season, so gamified it with “Bingo” cards that could be screenshot and used to play with. Using this format provided a great way to capture so many fun moments that had happened in the series all in one place. Being fun in nature was reflective of heat’s brand plus, tapping into a popular social trend brought home VOXI’s key message - “Endless Social Media”.
Stills Sample: