UNICEF - A Child's Tale

  • Al Hutchison
  • fiona anderson
Unicef UK's brand film.
It started as a simple 'explainer' video brief. To create an animated film that shows how UNICEF use charitable donations to protect children around the world.
I saw a bigger opportunity. To tell the story of UNICEF and the amazing things they do from the perspective of a child in danger, set within a simple context of childhood - a pop-up book.
We follow a central character, as each page turns we enter a new scene. 
The narration feels child-like, too. Almost a fairytale, but very real and at times, harrowing. Our narrator is the actor, Michael Sheen OBE.
This has become much more than an 'explainer' film and is now being used as UNICEF UK's brand film.
Concept + Story - Al Hutchison Director - Al Hutchison Script - Al Hutchison & Jake Cuddihy Illustration - Jake Cuddihy 3D Modelling - Jack Brooks Animation - Jack Brooks Editing + Sound - Al Hutchison