Unification: “The process of bringing together, making whole.”

  • Sarah Vaughan

America has voted. Wowsers has America voted! These mid-term results are so positive and so indicative of the appetite for change, the need for truth, they’re calling it the “Rainbow Wave”. So much diversity, so much inclusion, so much more progression than we’ve seen from the states in the last few years. The call out of falsehoods and lies, Women rising, rising. A victory for hearts. Yet still, we have a long, long way to go to heal our weary Gaia. If countries were pupils, America is the loud, somewhat obnoxious, shouty one who demands all the attention, sucks all the life force out of the teacher, and the one who would benefit from a bit of quiet time. Their voice has dominated global politics for too long, the deep, ancestral damage and wounding caused by a nation always seeking and grasping for more, has harmed so many a forefather. The First Nations people. And their denial of climate change may result in the end of the planet for us all. How easy it is to forget that we spin around utterly dependent, utterly vulnerable, on a giant ball of rock. The earth’s crust, like our daily bread, gets thinner the more we exhaust her, as we act like vultures scalping her supply. Our daily distractions simply that, distractions, so we do not have to contemplate the human condition. By this I mean the condition of what next? The condition of how do we rise every day, each morning, and work with or against the forces of good, and evil around us? Like the much anticipated next Marvel film, who will make it? We’re each our own mini-superheros, wrangling with these powers, be they pure and decent, or a confronting exchange with Mephistopheles himself. I for one have seen the Devil, looked him in the eye and with all the boisterous charm and sass of a world ruling toddler, kissed him on the cheek wishing him all the love in the world. Stereophonics were right. You do have to go there to come back. Sit in the bowels of hell for a few months, years, see what that does for your pretentions, and your pretentious needs. What does your ego need now, once you’ve watched your loved one slip away? What does your Soul crave after death? An eternal imprint?A legacy? To leave a footprint, be it carbon, or otherwise? I recently had to have a bit of a debate with a celebrity on the subject of grief. It wasn’t what I was expecting, and I’d held back from contributing, but in the end couldn’t help but utilise those eighteen years for something. It wasn’t a competition, it wasn’t about one upmanship, one of us being right, or better than, it was that he has a platform, I don’t. He has privilege and his message was wonky. His was a message of atheism in the face of grief, and mine wasn’t. Mine is a story of Faith. Fortitude. I challenged that you cannot grieve without the Sacred. You cannot encourage a room full of people hearing you, to speak about sharing their traumas, their grief, without the Sacred. You cannot exclude the Sacred and God’s Will from the discussion. Believer or Non-Believer you cannot write off the theology framing and underpinning everything we see and do each day. Every story, symbol and icon we’ve taken into our psyche is a part of that mythology. As much as I am loathed and on my knees to admit it, we must fear that, which we cannot fully comprehend. We must bow down and surrender to the underlying, unifying power of God’s Will, when in the eye of the storm. “Pray heal me, change me” when staring at the face of evil. The God Force is more powerful than any of our tiny ant brains can fathom, so don’t for a nano second consider there isn’t a plan and things are not thought out. There’s always a plan, and it is already ordained. The debate ended in me sticking up for the Priest who had previously been humiliated, a reference to C.S.Lewis’s return to faith, and the introduction of some new, more thought provoking terminology for the audience to google. Unification in times of division, in times of fragmentation, and times of spiritual brokenness. With the best and greatest will in the world, broken people cannot heal a broken planet, and few people nowadays want to talk about the fractured nature of human Souls. Lots of talk about divisive politics, divided nations, Brexit splits etc. but the shattering of the human psyche through trauma? Nah, not covered so much. Not mainstream. Yet utterly mainstream. In fairness most people can just about hold a conversation on depression, and anxiety, let alone get into the guts of someone else’s personal hell. Dr Janina Fisher would be the first resource I’d recommend for anyone wanting to learn more on this topic. And if you wanted to go metaphysical, the work of Caroline Myss is always a keen metaphorical slap in the chops, for anyone unconscious of their own addictive, archetypal patterning, and incongruent behaviours. So how can broken people heal in order to collectively heal the planet? Through love. Via the old chestnut I always default back to in most of my writings. The gratitude of it. The sweet sweet grace of a power so unbreakable it’s the essence of our DNA, as prevalent as the air we breathe. Love is how we heal. Love more, love deeply, love graciously. Love as if it’s your last day on earth. Love with resolve. Love the demons and their absent virtues. Love the soil and its gritty, nourishing, dampness. Love one another in a congruent manner. Save your marriage. End the affair. Love yourself enough to get out of it, if it harms you. And love the disregarded. Love the poor man, the broken widow. Love the humble and the meek. Love the bullied and the betrayed. Love the petty, and their smallness. Love them. With all your might. With all the God Force you can summon, keep on loving them.This is how we get through it, this is how Gaia forgives us. When we love it all. Support Resources: AA - UK AA - AU AA - USA Samaritans UK - 116 123 - Emergency 999 Lifeline Australia - 13 11 14 - Emergency - 000 Lifeline USA - 1 800-273-8255 Drinkwise Global Facebook Suicide Prevention Resources Photo Credits: Broken Planet Mephistopheles Cosmic Consciousness by me. Find out more about Transpersonal Psychology here. Article words copyright © 2018 by Sarah C Vaughan. Additional Resources: First 5 Books 1.0 The Seven Wonders of You 2.0 Your Feelings First 3.0 The Bonfire Within You 4.0 Nature is Your Healer 5.0 Your Abundant Self Coming Soon: 6.0 Your Need to Play 7.0 Your Magic Self Please Share: If you feel this or any others in the series could help a friend, colleague or loved one, please share with them. My aim is for everyone to have access to resources to help themselves to live happy, prosperous, kind, fulfilling and successful lives. For each of the seven billion people on this planet to emerge into their own great and creative expression of Self. jewels.jpg Published by Google Drive–Report Abuse–Updated automatically every 5 minutes