University Arms

  • Sam Strutt
  • Amadea Kimmins
University Arms is an iconic hotel in the heart of Cambridge which originally opened in 1834 and played host to significant historic events before standing dormant for nearly half a century until its recent revival by Melford Capital.
Matter Of Form (MOF) partnered with Melford Capital (the investors behind the overhaul) to translate the new brand and vision into a digital framework for both the hotel and its neighbouring restaurant – Parkers Tavern – run by the renowned chef Tristan Welch.
MOF needed to convey the brand identity of both venues into one seamless experience whilst keeping the two brands independent with their own personalities. Tactical SEO activities were also a key requirement to bring the new brands, domains and online presence together to ensure a rapid growth in the hospitality sector and gain new recognition in the market.
The website has bought both the University Arms and Parkers Tavern to life online and reignited the love for this Cambridge institution.
The content strategy has lead to an increase in search engine optimisation which has in turn increased lead generation and conversion for both the hotel and restaurant.