Untitled Talks: Rochelle White in conversation with Abondance Matanda and BBZ

  • Rochelle White

In this two-part event, join artist Rochelle White in conversation with writer Abondance Matanda, discussing her practice and influences as a young Black British contemporary artist, as well as prominent themes in her work. They will examine the nuances of being a contemporary British artist in 2017, from heritage and race, to sexuality and gender, to age and generation, by discussing themes in Rochelle’s work whilst referencing two key texts: her dissertation about the (mis)representation of people of colour in visual culture, and Abondance’s essay The First Galleries I Knew Were Black Homes. This will be followed with a conversation inviting founders of the exhibition and club night BBZ, Tia Simon-Campbell and Nadine Davis, to highlight the significance of White’s work in the context of the UK’s current ‘cultural renaissance’, as coined by Jacob V Joyce. Join this quartet of cultural practitioners as they speak on their collaborations, as well as issues of visibility and agency of young black artists that are shifting in the context of digital platforms. This event continues the Precarious Decades series curated by Amrita Dhallu that examines strategies of hope and subversion through collaboration and allegiance. Given the precarious political moment we find ourselves in now, the series reflects on the new terms of reference for curatorial and artistic practice framed by the experience of the diaspora?


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