Unwrapped: Getting Hired with The Dots

  • Nia Mitchell
  • Rebecca Spence
  • Fru Bekefi
  • Pip Jamieson
  • Karin Killander

Second Home London Fields has landed and we're celebrating with a week of events, championing social change, creativity and entrepreneurship - London Fields Unwrapped. In this class The Dots - the place for creative types to find new roles and opportunities across the world - will give their tips and tricks on how to find your feet in the creative industry. Head of Community Brendan McKnight and Writer Robyn Cusworth will share valuable tricks on navigating the creative world and help shape up your work portfolio. The Dots is designed around the networking needs of the future workforce of 'No Collar' professionals – creators, freelancers and entrepreneurs. During Unwrapped week, every lunchtime BeBetter comes with a place at our community lunch - hearty, seasonal dishes served by our cafe La Despensa.

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