Urban Philosophy

  • Karine Paronyanc

Urban Philosophy debuted at the Latvia Academy of Science in Riga. The main theme of the exhibition is the existence of man in nature and the transformation due to progress and technologies. The paintings in the collection address the issues of rapid digitalization, human isolation, deprivation of the freedom of movement, and are greatly influenced by the pandemic and lock down. Many of the presented pictures were created within the frame of performances in iconic spots of the city - an abandoned airport, a desolate greenhouse, the premises of the Riga Botanical Garden, the roof of the radio station. Urban Philosophy invites the viewers to think for themselves and outside the boundaries of the mainstream.

"The Wall Street Bull"
"Aero" II
"Aero" II (detail)
"Aero" III (The Golden Ratio)
"Web" (QR Code)
"Aero" III
"Multiple Aspiration" (Icarus)
"Aero" IV (Let's fly to Paris when this shit is over)
"When the Foundation of the World is breaking, it's necessary to keep Your circle"
"God's Eye" or "Doomsday Clock"
"Intersection Lines"
"Greenhouse Effect" (Never cross the red line)
"The Temple is Closed for Reconstruction"