Utopia +

For this project I created a main brand and three brand extensions.
House brand: Utopia (Meats & Cheese)
Private brands: Arcadia (Culinary Boutique), Pie in the Sky (Bakery & Café), Cloud Nine (Juice Bar & Greengrocer).
Is a specialty meat boutique with all organic and extraordinarily fresh meats. Along with the meats there are also cheeses, various pasta, and a variety of crispbreads. The designs and packaging are meant to reflect the exclusivity of the products and to showcase the high level of freshness provided by the brand.
The first brand extension to Utopia is Arcadia. For Arcadia I created a line comprised of cookware, kitchen utensils, and a line of spices, rubs and sauces to complement the house brand. The packaging and label designs are made to coordinate, in look and feel, with the main brand.
The second brand extension is Pie in the Sky. For this extension I created a line of gourmet dessert products and a line of organic flavored milk. For this brand’s design I chose to use all white packaging in order to convey the purity of the ingredients and freshness of the product. The label designs coordinate with the parent brand, but I relied on a softer tone to give the design a lighter feel.
The third and last brand extension to Utopia is Cloud Nine. This extension is comprised of fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, and freshly pressed juices. Due to the nature of the products they do not have labels or standard packaging, only a branding to be used for multimedia purposes.
Create an entirely new retail store and packaging for an extensive product line, taking in consideration what the company provides, target audience, location, architecture, etc. It includes house and private brands, designed accordingly to their unique selling point.