V&A Black History Month

  • Beth Suzanna

To celebrate Black History Month 2023, I was commissioned to design an activity resource for the V&A Museum, South Kensington to highlight work on display by artists of Caribbean heritage. I facilitated a series of workshops with The Croydon School of Supplementary, to research Caribbean families perspectives on the V&A artwork and how they hoped to engage with it. From planning and facilitating these workshops, I combined the families input and a selection of the activities into a family friendly resource that could be used both in the gallery or at home. Alongside the research, design and illustration. I wrote copy and planned the activities within the booklet to ensure they were both practical and playful. The final result was a concertina style fold booklet that allows children to have a wider understanding of Caribbean art. This project was created in the hope to celebrate our Caribbean heritage and showcase to children how they too can be an artist.