• Zainab Hafeez

These vegan friendly products are for those who practice strict diet plan and give them options that are easily readable and can be see through it’s visuals. A packaging that specialises in providing essential nutrition to vegans and vegetarians.​​​​​​​ Alongside, the emotional connection with customers builds on gentle colour palette that associates with the freshness and nature.The combination is meant to convey commitment and trustworthy but with a friendly touch. V.go and mutually contrasty designs are supplemented with handmade illustrations. They instantly inform about the features and special matches of magnificent flavours. The illustrative side helps the customer to quickly acknowledge what the product contains. Kraft paper gives the packaging a natural feeling and texture. Holographic foil is used to make the packaging look modern and bright. It also has a contrast with handmade illustrations and gives an unpredictable feeling for vegan products. This all allowed a textural finish to the packs.