Vagina Museum 'Neighbours' Campaign

  • Nathalie Gordon
  • Amy Fasey

After a 6month hiatus, The Vagina Museum was due to reopen in it’s new location in Bethnal Green. But after years in Camden, this new East London was a whole new ballgame. Not only did they need to let everyone know they had moved but they also wanted to announce themselves to the neighbourhood. So we created the ‘Neighbours’ campaign where not only did we draw parallels between establishments already in the area and the museum’s offering, but also created posters based on anatomical knowledge and the values of the museum itself. The work was made pro-bono. Not a single penny spent including on media which was kindly donated by JackArts, London Lites and Clear Channel. The campaign ran specifically only in East London for the month of March. All the posters were made available for purchase with 100% of the proceeds going directly back into the Museum.

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