Vans Checkerboard Day

On November 18th 2021, Jukebox Collective launched Future Creatives in partnership with #VansCheckerboardDay a global celebration of community and culture. Jukebox Collective curated and produced the evening of live performances and immersive art, inviting Welsh creatives and communities to explore their hopes and ambitions for the future. Vans Checkerboard day is an initiative developed to rebuild and revitalise local communities across the world through creativity. Credits: Curated & Produced by Jukebox Collective Creative Direction: Liara Barussi Producer: Charlotte Lewis Graphics & Design: Naomi Ferne Patterson Spoken Word: Andrew Ogun Dancers: Patrik Gabco, Kanah Flex, Jodelle Douglas, Shush, Ty Movement Direction: Liara Barussi Live Art: Karimah Hassan DJ: Tevini Williams Project Assistants: Temeka Davies, Lizzie Burgess, Darnell Williams, Truli Smith, Tarina Tajul Visuals team: Naomi Ferne, Tom Swindell, Jo-el Bertram, Tayla Smith, Pierre Styling: Asma Elmi, Truli Smith, Genaya Parris, Ice Cream Embroidery Juices: Life Juices Cardiff