Verlinvest — Visual Identity & Website

  • Alex Myers

Verlinvest is a leading family-owned evergreen investment group with over €1bn assets under management backed by families who have, together, built one of the world’s largest consumer businesses. Manifest recently completed Verlinvest’s new brand ID and website that better represents not only the young and ambitious team but also the innovative and forward-thinking brands they invest in. What we delivered: — Visual Identity — Brand Guidelines — Web Design

Venture Capital is awash with dull, corporate brands, so there was an opportunity to create a brand for Verlinvest that was ahead of the curve and felt like a long-term partner for brands looking to start a revolution.

We built on the notion that Verlinvest champion the brands they work with and used this to drive our visual language. This brand idea was underpinned by four core attributes that were authentic to Verlinvest and could help set them apart from the competition.
The Verlinvest icon, whilst also being a dynamic representation of a V, represents acceleration as well as growth. This motif runs through the entire expanded identity, either embellishing creative collateral or housing imagery, all built around a flexible design system.
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