• Jason Filmore Sondock

Alongside one of the creative directors from the #mycalvins Calvin Klein campaign (Bryan Wolff) and a senior art director from Spotify (Tal Midyan) we produced & directed a music video, online installation and (soon) a physical installation for the debut single of Yesh, a Tibetan singer songwriter. The video tells the story of a matriarch of a family passing away, and examines fifteen moments surrounding this period. The narrative is told through three generations of women— the grandmother, her daughter and her young adolescent granddaughter. It’s a tender and haunting exploration of memory, afterlife and how we find peace in the absence of those we love. In addition to the video, we conceptualized and developed an online installation (with our friends over at and Scotty Jacobson) that will serve as a second home for the video. The interactive website recognizes your IP address and generates an entirely new re-edit of the music video via a proprietary algorithm we’ve developed every time you visit the site or refresh the player. Conceptually, it challenges the notion of memory and how our memories come to us in entirely unpredictable and nonlinear sequences. It has roughly 6.2 billion different permutations, close to one for every human on earth.

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