Violet Simon Magazine -Issue 2

  • Sophia Ukor
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  • Minna Salami
  • Sophia Ukor
  • asiko artist

Inspired by women influencing, empowering, paving the way for other women and the next generation of women; especially our black queens. Every woman is important and we believe that no matter who you are, where you are or what you find yourself doing, it matters. The theme for issue 2 is Disruptors and we are keen on amplifying women ‘disrupting’ and who disrupted thus paving the way for other women, empowering little girls to dare to dream and making history. The women we speak of is every woman. Whoever we are, whatever we do; Mothers, sisters, daughters, teachers, waiters, athletes, nurses, doctors, creatives, students, entrepreneurs, founders etc - the list is endless. There is always something and someone that each role or path we take impacts and as women especially black women, we are continuously disrupting the ‘normal chain of order’ and creating a better society. As someone once said ‘little things are little things but the seriousness in little things are of great value.