Virtually vivid

  • Sonya Barlow

Like Minded Females & Osaka Labs bring you VIRTUALLY VIVID - #Diversity in #VirtualReality (VR) - An #immersive event

IVirtually vivid - Immersive Tech & VR Like Minded Females & Osaka Labs & Alpaca Communications bring you VIRTUALLY VIVID - #Diversity in #VirtualReality (VR) - An #immersive #event in September 2019 Why? #Virtual #Reality is the new "go to" #technology and our predicted #buzzword of 2020! It literally makes it possible to experience anything, anywhere, anytime. It is the most immersive of #reality technology - However, if technology has a diversity problem - VR has it even worse !! WE WANT TO CHANGE THIS!! Did you know that? • 44% of #millennials are interested in VR though only 13% of #females • VR engagement is clustered around 16 - 34 year olds • VR is also predominately seen as the "go to" in Gaming (a market which is more male heavy than women) And... • The VR market will grow annually by 34% over the next 4 years • By 2021, the combined market is expected to reach £215 billion • 1/4 of VR users believe it has the strongest potential to improve #marketing and #advertising experiences So what? In September, we will be holding an exclusive experience and giving you a view into the future. We will create an event which showcases 2 diverse interactive exhibitions, 3 expert speakers and an art gallery Speakers Olga Kravchenko- Musemio Elenas Sokolova- Traytec Enara Nazarova- Flat Iron School Exhibitors Musemio The Village VR revival Raspberry Dream Labs Agenda 18:30 doors open 18: 45 Introduction 19:00 1st Speaker 19: 20 2nd Speaker 19: 40 3rd Speaker 20:30 Closing statements How to attend? Register your interest for tickets as they will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Organisers? This event is organised by Sonya Barlow, Like Minded Females Sam Gormley, Osaka Labs Alpaca Communications