Visual Merchandising | Still with Selfridges

  • Alice Martin
  • Amy Marsh

Visual Merchandising in collaboration with Selfridges. Still with Selfridges a VM Concept Influenced by the Gaia Hypothesis focusing on Biophilic Design and living installations to bring the outside in. With an increasingly urbanised world, many of us do not have access to the wonders of nature and all it has to offer. Society is constantly surrounded with the pressures of everyday life and our own independent struggles, be that mental well-being, monetary or social stigmas. Our cities are in a state of crisis with homelessness falling victim to 320,000 people in Britain (BBC News, 2018). Addiction among adults is still prevalent. Deaths related to drug misuse are currently at there highest comparable level, since 1993 (NHS Report, 2018). Due to this, disparity amongst social settings has formed, disconnecting people from their own reality. Together with the global economy, came a sense of placeless-ness. Retail spaces have become a commodity; an expression of who we are or the place they are built in. They no longer embrace nature. However, Edward Wilson theorised that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature, and that it can bring harmony to all; biophilia. Imagine a place where everyone can feel connected through their appreciation of the natural world. Inspired by the research of vulnerability, STILL with Selfridges imagines a space of reflection, peace and acceptance to all. A languorous atmosphere, calm and still. A place to re-engage your senses and explore the aroma of fresh greenery. A place that embraces natural light instead of shutting it out. Your own Gaia spot amongst the business of city life. A pause point. Let’s bring the outside, in. Be STILL with Selfridges. Chosen to present to the VM Team at Selfridges head office, London, UK.