Visuals and email design for wellness app Tictrac

  • Ksenia Lowe

I've been working at the wellness app Tictrac for 2 years, doing graphic design and content execution: – Creating key visuals for app, web and social – Creating engaging content, campaigns, and collateral to support Tictrac's vision and content strategy – Designing weekly email templates based on the brief – Building, scheduling, automating and testing emails in Mailchimp and Airship – Working closely with the UX, content team and project managers to make sure we deliver solid outcomes on projects that required tight turnarounds.

Design templates, images, original illustrations:

Email design and set up

I've completely redesigned Tictrac's emails which significantly increased user engagement. Here's the example of one of the emails I created to promote a marketing campaign. I use Figma and Sketch app to create templates and then built them in Mailchimp and Airship. The original copy is also written by me, based on the brief.

More illustrations and icons

Some of them are mine and some of them are taken from other sources and modified: