Voice activation and chatbots: next generation mobile banking arrives

  • Omur Uluask
By 2015, Garanti Bank of Turkey had more than four million active users (representing half of its customer base) on its online banking app (first launched in 2011, and which Fjord also designed), making it an early leader in online and mobile banking. Garanti, however, did not take its early digital successes for granted and turned to Fjord for help in figuring out the next step in optimizing its product experience in a very fast changing digital world.
This didn’t mean just adding more mobile and online users (although that happened) or increased functionality to the app (which also happened, with customers now able to perform 200+ different types of transactions). Garanti has always been about turning turning traditional banking on its head, like when we first helped it launch the award-winning iGaranti, and this time was no different.
The result? A variety of next-generation services – specifically, voice control, OS-level services and chat UI for transactions – integrated into its mobile app (called Garanti Cep Subesi) that sets it apart from the pack and gives its customers a unique, intelligent banking experience.

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