VSCO / Make It Anyway

  • Giorgio Gremigni
  • Darious Parker
  • Nicole Jade
  • Kristina McCormick
  • 180 Medical
  • Wedson Ricardo
  • Joseph Davies

x 3 doc Shoot on 16mm Kodak Film. We have created a 3 part documentary series to celebrate VSCO creative community. The films respectively profile the New York-based painter and illustrator Mónica Hernández, the London-based illustrator, filmmaker and collagist Shaquille-Aaron Keith, and the Montreal-based photographer Gab Bois, and are led by British underground filmmaker Jess Kohl. The series explores the ever-evolving nature of the creative process, with each installment blending intimate archival footage with insightful examinations of the artist at work, to explore who the artist is, where they’ve come from and how they create. A mix of transparent observation and artful symbolism conveys the various themes of each artist’s life and creativity, showing how their unique life experiences drive every new creation. CREDITS BRAND: VSCO COLOURIST: Simon Bourne LEAD EDITOR: Giorgio Gremigni EDITOR: Kristina McCormick CREATIVE AGENCY: AKQA CREATIVE DIRECTOR : Suki Heater ART DIRECTOR : Joseph Davies PRODUCTION COMPANY: Prettybird DIRECTOR: Jess Kohl DOP: Oli Millar, Todd Martin, Harry Wheeler TALENT: Mónica Hernández, Shaquille-Aaron Keith, Gab Bois ORIGINAL SCORE: Raffertie, James Heather



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