Webinar recording: How to find a mentor (& maintain the relationship!) – with founder Pip Jamieson

  • Brendan McKnight
  • Pip Jamieson
Thanks to the hundreds that joined our live webinar on 1st December 2020! For those that missed it (or if you want to watch it again), you'll find the video below.

About the talk:

No matter your level, getting feedback and words of wisdom from a mentor is always a good shout – often providing invaluable insights, advice and contacts.

Come join The Dots’ founder Pip as she shares her top tips on finding mentors, including using The Dots to get in front of some of the best in the business!

By the end of the talk, you’ll know:

– The value of a mentor
– Top tips for finding & approaching mentors
– How to maintain & develop a relationship with a mentor
– Getting the most out of your mentors
– How to discover & connect with mentors on The Dots

Links mentioned in the webinar:

– Connect with mentors here (scroll down to the 'mentors' card)
– Organisations that help people find mentors
– RSVP to our 'Skills of the future' webinar (8th December)