WeKnow Group

  • Andres Del Risco
  • Andrea Musso

Developing WeKnow London’s ideal UI and bringing it to life for their users. WeKnow London is the one-stop shop for all London visitors. The WeKnow group makes sure to outline and provide the best information, recommendations and resources for London travel.

WeKnow London came prepared with their own design, having been reviewed by our UX/UI designers to ensure it was a good fit for our development team, it got the go ahead and we jumped straight into development.
Foundry Digital were chosen for developing the CSS and styling of the website. Having an already established UI, our development team were able to get into the minds of WeKnow London and know exactly how they wanted their website to be presented to their users.

Foundry Digital ensured that the design matched their idea, guided by the design, as well as implementing desired front end functionalities to make it an engaging website with a seamless journey for all users.
Moreover, our development team ensured the design was equipped to handle all devices, making it responsive for mobile and tablets, taking into account breakpoints to guarantee no user missed out on any content or functionality no matter the device.
Foundry Digital provided WeKnow London with a seamless user interface development that matched their ideal design. This development will facilitate the journey outlined by the WeKnow London team, allowing them to increase their conversion rates and provide excellent service on all fronts.