WeTransfer Ideas Report 2019

  • Karen van de Kraats
  • Linda Mertens
  • April Edgar
  • Robyn Collinge

We asked 20,000 creatives from almost every country on the planet seven questions on how they develop their ideas. Ideas are a messy business. They’re maddening and unpredictable. There are dead ends, wrong turns and all manner of false starts. To get our heads around them, in 2018 we created the first ever WeTransfer Ideas Report, asking 10,000 creatives about how, when and where they get their best ideas. But we couldn’t leave it at that. You see, having an idea is only half the battle. Once the lightning bolt of inspiration has hit, that’s when the real work begins. This year we asked 20,000 creatives, doubling last year’s data, about how their ideas grow. We crunched the numbers and took note of the trends, comparing different countries, age groups, disciplines and work environments. So what does it mean to deal in the business of ideas? How many do you need before you strike gold? And does a great idea mean money in the bank or a better-looking planet? Enough questions. It’s time for some answers. Read the report here - https://ideasreport.bywetransfer.com/