WeWork Berlin

  • Studio Nari
  • Kat Rose
  • Myles Barrell

WeWork is a workspace community. Curating spaces for small businesses, start-ups, and non-profit companies across the globe. The WeWork Creator Awards take place across the world and give small businesses and start-ups the opportunity to present their business ventures to professionals in their field, all for the opportunity of receiving a grant. The studio previously collaborated with WeWork on their London Creator awards event and was then asked to work on the identity and creative direction for the following ceremony taking place in Berlin. We began the project by researching the great Bauhaus era that was founded in Germany. We studied the artists and teachers from the Bauhaus, including Josef Albers, Paul Klee, and Walter Gropius. Resulting in the identity mimicking the form and functions of the architecture created in the Bauhaus era. We created a bespoke graphic palette which was designed using the angles and shapes commonly used in the architecture. We consciously moved away from the WeWork brand to reflect a more authentic representation of Berlin and to give the ceremony its own unique identity. This identity translates and celebrates the bold, brutalist and modern aesthetics of Berlin.