What If Everything Was This Simple? | Taylors Of Harrogate

The latest coffee from Taylors of Harrogate is designed exclusively for lattes — that’s why they’ve called it ‘Latte’. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Straightforward thinking is at the heart of this latest campaign from Lucky Generals, which imagines a world in which everything was much more simple. But a simpler world would be a stranger place, as our coffee-sipping protagonist discovers over a morning brew. Marrying a stranger could happen in an instant. Achieving promotion would be as easy as asking the boss to retire. And if life as a human lost its appeal, we could just transform into something else if we wished it. If only! Like our previous campaign for Taylors, we amplified the comedy of this quirky spot with an eccentric score — where meandering brass and playful harps evoke a sense of pantomime-like mischief before a strings crescendo reaches its climax as things start to get out of hand. Perhaps things are simple enough the way they are!