What Makes A Game A Good Ass Game? - Compulsion And Visual Exaggeration (2019)

  • John Kamara

This is my 3rd Year Uni SIP project outcomes which intially explores the present violence and visual exaggeration in the combat design of action games. I often compare it's visual absurdity to the Crazy 88's Scene in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Vol 1, using it as a reference for my Concertina Book. The Compulsion side of this project is centred around process of printmaking and playing a game. Both of these processes are addictive and get more and more fulfilling when caught up in the flow. The concept of my ReLeith Compulsion print set is to reflect the feeling of that immersion, where your eyes cannot stay still and physically keeps moving.

Dojo Of Beauty And Hyperbole (2019), Concertina Print Book
Dojo Of Beauty And Hyperbole (2019) - Partially Opened
Dojo Of Beauty And Hyperbole (2019) - Fully Opened
ReLeith Compulsion 1/5
ReLeith Compulsion 2/5
ReLeith Compulsion 3/5
ReLeith Compulsion 4/5
ReLeith Compulsion 5/5