What's My Purpose? Free LGBTQ+ Workshop

  • Michael Edward Stephens

A free workshop to explore your own personal purpose, strategy and potential.

Join to… - Start identifying what it is that you really want - Discover how to add more meaning into your life - Challenge any self-limiting beliefs - Acquire fresh perspectives - Re-calibrate your ambitions - Increase the positive impact you have in the world During this three-hour workshop, we'll be exploring your own personal purpose and unique narrative. We want you to feel empowered with the new information you’re going to uncover and leave with actionable steps towards setting yourself new goals in life. You will take part in various creative and interactive workshops to help you focus on the possibilities, and we’ll be encouraging you to use your imagination to discover brand new perspectives. We'll be incorporating tried and tested practices such as journaling, group sharing, self-enquiry, breath-work and meditation. These will be interspersed with key teachings and coaching techniques.
To find out more or book visit our website: wecreatespace.co