"When Music Is An Act Of Resistance"

  • Racha Bouhouche

“While the fight against institutionalized racism and systemic oppression is very much ongoing, it is important to commemorate those who shaped our history. There is a fine line between cultural and political change. Music is often entwined with collective fights for social justice, marking the movements with timeless hymns."

Date: 30/06/2020

Publisher: Tonitruale

Author: Rasha Baraka (pen name)

Illustration: Nehe Neuyen
“The revolution will not be televised” recites Gill-Scott Heron in 1971, warning that change cannot be seen on our TV screen, it first must occur in our mind. But perhaps can it be heard? Much like an echo chamber, music can encapsulate in perfectly placed harmonies, the various sounds of insurgence against current climes. Despite being recorded in 1971, Gill Scott-Heron’s powerful album “Pieces of a Man” is no more a legacy of the past than it is a reverberation of our present times. To this day, it still resonates.”
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