When The Dust Settles

  • Charlotte Watts

'When The Dust Settles' for Latest Magazine. This is a story about waiting for a moment of calm after a time of uncertainty and change. The yellow dust in the shoot is a representation of that uncertainty, something so difficult to shake it seems to surround you, sticking to every surface and floating in the very air around you. At first our model avoids the dust , she balances and tip toes across the set trying to carry on as before. Over time, she eventually embraces the changed environment. The dust settles on her and a new relationship is formed, creating something equally as beautiful as before. You can find the full story on my website now. https://www.charlottewatts.co.uk/when-the-dust-settles Team Photographer - Damian Weilers Art director - Charlotte Watts Stylist - Celine Sheridan Model -Adhel Bol c/o Linden Staub Hand Prints by Sarah England Casting by Claudie Layton