Why it's so hard and awkward to ask for a pay rise at work | The C Word

  • Natalie Beech
  • Emily King

Article for online platform The C Word, published 23 February 2022. Read in full here: https://www.thecwordmag.co.uk/business-advice/why-its-so-hard-and-awkward-to-ask-for-a-pay-rise-at-work Excerpt: "Asking for a pay rise at work is classic boss bitch domain, the kind of thing you’d see a ShEO do a TEDTalk on, titled ‘How to get paid what you’re worth’ or ‘How I negotiated my six-figure salary’. She’s wearing a remote mic. She’s got a millennial pink suit on. She has a professional blow-dry. She is the vision of success. She explains that she achieved said pay rise by outlining her achievements at the company, hinting she was being headhunted by others and then, after stating the salary she deserves, her male boss capitulates, realising he cannot lose her. She goes on to explain how she’s since had three kids, made multi millions and started her own female-led business. The crowd goes wild. The talk has 80 million views."