WIRED Trump Troll

  • Alessandro Novelli
  • Luca Guglielmi
  • Jane Hudson

Commercial, Illustration, Direction.

About the project:

I have been contacted by Wired USA Art Director to create a unique animated illustration to represent the main concepts and topics of Wired new online article. The shadow of social manipulation, Twitter uncertain users and the death of a young girl in the "real" world.


The illustration has been realized first on paper and in a second moment digitalized in Adobe AI and finally animated and painted in Photoshop.


The image has been created for Wired website new article: You can read the full article at: https://www.wired.com/story/team-trump45-twitter-hazards-online-sleuthing/


Concept, design and animation: Alessandro Novelli, For Wired: Art Direction: Elena Lacey.

You can find more about my work on:
newgold.tv , Behance page or Instagram