Work Ready

  • Gianluca Alla
  • Yaara Schattner
  • Vuong Tong
  • Asia Brown
Work Ready is a series of articles and workshops developed by Lecture in Progress in partnership with Wix. The aim is to help students prepare themselves and their online presence for the world of work. Clicky, a wise mascot, has been designed to assist students during this journey. A bit like Clippy Office Assistant used to do on Windows ‘95. Clicky doesn’t have a fixed shape, it can be a window or a mouse but always plays with its eyes to illustrate articles and workshops. Sans Clicky is a custom, digital typeface with human behaviour, made by pixels and more organic curves. Animations, illustrations, custom typeface, postcards, stickers and tote bags have been designed for this project. Have a look at the website here:

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