Working Men's Club Interview - December 2020

  • Jack Gill
  • Nicholas Ikin

Working Men's Club are northern England's latest exciting music outfit, led by Todmorden resident Syd Minsky-Sargeant. They draw on a catalogue of canonical musical references from post-punk bands like New Order and Gang of Four, to electronic inspired Italo house and detroit-style techno, all the while maintaining a unique and rebellious sound. -For Volume 11 of The Rodeo magazine, I spoke to frontman, Syd on their self-titled debut album, the future of live music and what it means to be a northern band in today's music industry. -Interview published exclusively in print. Please get in touch for live links of this work. -To purchase the magazine, see -Edited by Johnny Rogerson, Nick Ikin (deputy editor) and Liv Cowle (online editor) -All graphics and design by Sebastian Ward