Workshop "Generative Devices"​ on the basics of research methods with MA Geo-Design at Design Academy Eindhoven

  • Floriane Misslin

The new masters programme GEO-Design, headed by the duo Formafantasma, was kickstarted with my workshop "Generative Devices". The two days workshop invited the students to creatively and critically consider the politics and ethics of research methods by experimenting with ways of producing data and interviewing. The exercise introduces them to the design of research methods in order to shape more original, material, and complex research outcomes. As a group, we formulated a common research question and students randomly picked a device with which to produce data in response to the research question. In this case, they researched the expanding market of second-hand clothing through methods and devices such as; measures, auto-ethnography, privacy policies, Google street views, typography, and more.