• Husam Hamid
  • Haruna Jebak

Tackling the often unrecognised subject of male emotional expression, Husam Al-deen captures images of young men of diverse backgrounds expressing themselves. ‘Men Do Cry’ is an attempt to artistically convey the archetypal behaviors within masculinity, specifically consistent physical and mental strength, stoicism and career success, often tied to the traditional idea of being the primary financial provider in a family. The glorification of these ideas and the imagery enshrouding them on social media can potentially impact the health of all those subject to it. Bringing together men of different walks of life, who are daily confronted by these toxic ideas through their work or social lives, the project seeks to show vulnerability and depth of character by opening the public to the private sphere, revealing the external reality of internal pressures. The project hopes to further encourage dialogue concerning mental health so as a society we are prepared, with the right resources to handle the reality of our friends and families hardships, to take care of one another with love and empathy. ​ Foreword by Hadi Abbas