Identity is something everyone struggles with, especially when you're living in an area where the majority of people are not from your ethnical background. Everyone wants to fit in and find their place, and it's so hard sometimes," she says. "Everyone tries to be the same person because they don't know who they are." Figuring out who you are isn't easy, and it's something Yasmien feels can be complicated by social media. Scrolling through Instagram, you're likely to see a lot of people who look the same — same hair, Facetuned complexions, pose, and sometimes even body. Yasmien says, can make it seem like you need to look like that too. Yasmien grew up in one of the most diverse neighbourhoods in the Netherlands but felt like it was hard for her to relate and be herself as she didn't her specific minority group which is Tunisian. As she got older, she became more open-minded, had a wider diversity of friends, personal relationships. She had more of an understanding that various cultures are what makes everyone different and the world more of an exciting place. She recently graduated in Social Care studies, and she continues off by saying "I would love to change people's approach to dealing with mental health. I'd want people to destigmatize mental health issues. It's one of the few universal experiences that many people struggle with that should never bring shame. I'd love to let anyone know that whatever struggles they face, they're not alone." Yamsien is working on a current project that she will share with you next year that mostly focuses on her cultural identity and sub-cultures. It's going to be her first creative work and something that will be personal to her as it is content that doesn't exist yet. @fatoerama

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