YouTube | More Than Just Viewers

YouTube launched ‘More Than Just Viewers’, a new B2B campaign that highlights the platform’s unique ability to drive audience engagement, attention and action.
As the platform’s watchtime increases, ‘More Than Just Viewers’ is an expression of the unique connection between YouTube’s audience and content and aims to show the human story behind “reach” and hero the faces behind the view counter.
At the heart of the campaign is the long-form video, which brings to life this connection that YouTube creates with its audience. The video flips the camera around, looking back through the screen at its viewers, sweeping through 27 everyday audience scenarios that capture the breadth of viewership and range of engagement the platform drives.
Viewers are seen laughing, crying, drumming, cooking, gardening, dancing and reacting and more - all absorbed in learning or simply relishing the content they have sought out. The film’s characters are watching in full screen, with the sound on and - with 70% of YouTube views now coming from Mobile - are largely on the move.
‘More Than Just Viewers’ dramatises the importance of audience attention and aims to show how YouTube provides a unique platform for advertisers looking to forge a deeper connection with their consumers - an attentive audience that is tuned in, mobile-immersed and primed for action.
The campaign leads with Digital Video with 90, 30,15 and 6 second edits made-for-YouTube and is extended across OOH, Print and Experiential. 


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