Zippen – Branding & Product Development

  • Richard Wilson
  • Kit Critchley
  • Sarah Sajid
  • Nastasia Spyrou

Having multiple pensions pots across multiple providers is an issue faced by most in the UK. With a new job comes a new pension and more and more people face losing track of their savings. So when Zippen approached us to help them develop and launch a pension consolidator, we knew straight away they were onto something good. We were all ears (and notes).

The proposition
This new fintech product would help consolidate people’s pensions - a no-nonsense proposition. Our task was to translate this proposition into a working prototype, ready to test with real people. But first we needed a name. And a brand!
Brand identity
While the name ‘Consolidate My Pensions’ does what is says on the tin, we pushed for a catchier, snazzy name. We concluded with Zippen - to zip up your pensions into one place. Catchy AND snazzy.

We went with bright and cheerful colours, mainly a vibrant green for positivity. Our product used an algorithm based on percentage savings, so our ‘Z’ borrowed its shape from the ‘%’ symbol.

Work work workshop
To establish the user journey took a lot of collaboration. Before we even started to design a product, we had to define all its parameters. We workshopped, wireframed and got ridiculously into pensions.
A solid solution
Built on a solid algorithm that took into consideration multiple variants, we designed a product that we could put to the test. We naturally found flaws and quirks that we had to reconsider and worked with the team to restructure things before we tested all over again.
From wireframe to designs
We wireframed and designed the whole Zippen experience. Starting from the product itself, we designed a highly functional, responsive dashboard tailored for our audience’s needs. To support the launch of the product, we also designed and developed a promo site and a full front-end presence for post-launch
The results
After rigorous testing and becoming fully backed by the Financial Conduct Authority, we can’t wait to see Zippen thrive in the real world and drive real change by helping people understand and make the most of their valuable pensions
“We had a great idea that needed the right digital team to bring it to life. Traffic have been indispensable throughout the development of Zippen. From design to product build, they have been proactive, forward thinking and positive. They’re so easy to work with and take the time to figure out exactly what you need.”

Ellie Tembras
Chief Operations Officer