Any visual artists interested in designing some cover art for an upcoming single?


  • Hi Dominic, I'd love to work on this. My portfolio is online at
    Thanks so much! Michelle
  • Hello Dominic, I am interested. I feel my style would translate nicely into some cover art, HMU!
  • Hello this sounds awesome. I would love to work with you on this. I am an artist myself. Check out my Instagram:
  • Hey, I am a visual artist with a massive love for music. Here's my website . I'd be happy to collaborate, let me know if my work works for you!

  • Hi, I am a musician and illustrator, here is my website:

    please get in touch if you think my style would be a good fit!
  • Hello Dominic,
    I'd love to help with this cover art! My website is if you fancy browsing some of my work.
    Best wishes,

    Hey sounds good :) heres my web link if you are interested
  • Hey! Sounds interesting) Would be great to work together!
    Check out my portfolio:

    You can contact me at instagram or
  • Hello Dominic,

    I would be happy to help, did quite a few bits for Universal Music Group. Please check out my work on

    And feel free to get in touch on
  • Hi Dominic! I make trippy abstract art for album art, music videos, gig flyers, branding, and more. Always down to collab!

    Feel free to reach out to slogansfornothing@gmail if you wanna brainstorm further. :)
  • Hi Dominic,

    I’m definitely interested! My portfolio can be found at I also produce non-digital fine art which I’ve yet to upload to my portfolio. If you’d like to see examples, feel free to reach out!

  • Hello! I'm interested. You can check out my art on my instagram

    Thank you!
  • Hello ! What kind of visual art do you need ? If you want some illustration, you can take a look at work !
    Cheers !
  • I’m interested! Got some stuff up on my profile, or head over to my IG: cerri_xoxo to check out some of my other work!
  • Hey Dominic,
    I'd love to help!
    I’ve graduated with honors in graphic design and specialize in music posters, album covers and concert flyers.
    I've designed several album artworks, promotional music posters and merch pieces for numerous upcoming bands from all over the world.
    I’ve worked in the music industry as a graphic designer, promoter assistant, press agent and social media manager for two years alongside two booking agencies as well.
    To cut things short – I'm all about designing for the music world. I’d be happy to lend a hand!
    You can find some of my recent artworks on
    Have a good one,

  • Hi. How's it going? I think this would be right up my alley. Feel free to check out my portfolio at


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