be kind, leave nobody behind how do you/your business ensure everyone’s on board for the growth journey?

great places to work have great people running them, who make sure business growth touches everyone who works their tails off to make it happen

it’d be great if folks could share their experiences good and bad!


  • Hi @Harpal Singh Walia change is never easy, downright frightening to a lot of people. Not everyone shares the enthusiasm of the Grand Leader, not everyone soaks up their inspiration. They're good or comfortable at doing their job and if they feel that's going to be altered or it'll become redundant they'll do little to help make change happen.

    So. Make people feel that change will benefit them individually, as well as collectively. Consult everyone, or delegate consultation at scale, make sure people are listened to and feel involved – through creative workshopping, allow them to contribute to what change looks like.

    And in response, give people individual goals, targets and skills progressions that are relevant, tangible and achievable, and will nudge them toward change in non-scary steps rather than a cavernous jump. With a role to play, personal success becomes inextricably connected to collective success.

    Hope that helps.
  • @Abigail Baldwin that an interesting take. while i like working and being around like-minded folks, i see great value in having a diversity of opinions, particularly in industries like ours. leadership is also in including diverse voices and steering everyone in the direction of growth. appreciate your reply!
  • @magdalena bibik thanks! i work in advertising too, which by its very nature has a bit of a bias towards loudness, which is why i make it a point to focus on “the quiet ones”.

    “divide and let flower” is a very interesting approach to this problem. i will be trying this. thanks again for sharing, magdalena.
  • If your business has a strong brand and vision, it usually attracts like-minded team members. They join because they want to be on that journey! It's so important to explicilty communicate the mission and explain the benefit of growth for everyone involved.

    Sometimes it can be good to take a democratic approach and allow everyone to have a say on how the business may develop. Although, it takes a leader to carry this through.
  • I think it's all a bout valuing people and what they bring. Meaningful change is exciting, and difficult (or it wouldn't be change!). You have to bring people with you, help them see the value and then support them through it. It might need training or discussion, and will certainly need to be revisited along the way.

    And where you can, make space for people to input into the change, help them own it. Some things have to be decided and the decision disseminated, but change done *with* you is realy different to change done *to* you.
  • how?
    the leaders need to be sensitive and to be able to tune in to the rest of the people's emotions. what is going on, are they resisting and what is needed.
    I've not worked in a company or a team to ensure growth but I know I have worked on myself. My barriers come up and I can either choose distraction or I can do the work. I would imagine the company context is the same. No one get's left behind because there are many of us who see the world through the lense of the Heart. This is the Feeling sense. No so much congnitive understanding. As long as there is a hearty person, the business will grow. Sometimes my heart wants to close because the challange is too big, and limiting beliefs take the best of me. I go within and nuture my heart soace, my inner child. Then I am seeing how slowly I open up and find new solutions, new ways, new inspiration. This is true and no one will be left behind in humanity's movement to 5D either. But... everyone is still moving at the speed of their own heart. So, we respect that. Thank you for this beautiful question and my chance to preach a little more (smiles).
  • @Stefan Bertschi one of the many, many side benefits of doing it like so — it’s a great way to make sure everyone’s pulling their weight and contributing to the best of their abilities (and if they’re not, you can help them get there). everybody wins!🙌🏽

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