Do I need a website to get a design job?


  • Yes - because you want to make yourself easy to find (and subsequently easy to buy). So, although your work will be super important, think about what kind of digital presence you really need-and always through the lens that the purpose is to help people find you. The MVP if you want to go very light touch is It does what it says and has good SEO.
  • Hi Yan!

    I’ve been to a few portfolio reviews and talked with a lot of recruiters.
    It is pretty important to have an online portfolio/website if you are applying for a job in design.
    Another advice would be to select your best projects that represent you the most.

    Good luck!
  • Some free sites are out there and jut making in minimilistic to really high light yuor work is great. i guess the way i see it is a portfolio is a project of itself demonstrates your ability to present yourself. you are always showing that what ever project you are working on you are making it the best it can be. but im sure now with all that you have learned at the bbc you can start making it into a reality.

    my favs are square space and cargo collective
  • It has been said below and I agree. It's less about a specific website and more about a platform to showcase your work.
    Instagram is one that works for me the best and is usally the first place clients will go to see my work if not prompted.

    Additonally, if you can think of creative ways to display your work on exsiting platforms. Then it can help you stand out that extra amount.

    Good luck!
  • These days having a website is not essential in my opinion but it's good to have an online presence. So if you don't have a website make sure you have a nice instagram or some kind of alternative.

    If you don't have a website, you do need a really good PDF ready whenever people contact you about a job. What I like about PDFs in comparisons to website is that you can control how people navigate it more than a website would. I used to commission lots of designers and liked to receive a PDF over a website link.
  • Hi Yan; I would say yes, tbh - even if it's a simple page that links to your profile on The Dots, etc. Running an editorial product as we do at Contagious, I always tend to check the websites of any prospective illustrator, designer that we're looking to work with. It doesn't need to be anything elaborate, but a website does add some legitimacy, and it's always interesting to get a sense of someone's personality as well as their portfolio.

  • Hey Yan,

    The truth is to get a design job you need some good work, and a way to show that work to the people you'd like to work for.

    So, a website is of course always going to be useful to get your work in front of the right people - but if you have other ways that might also be interesting...

    Good luck!

  • Totally agree with @joyce. I know successful designers that also keep their portfolios as google slides presentations for example.

    You should also totally feel free to share your projects here on The Dots too, of course. :)
  • I would say it would be handy with your work is available online, having a website will increase the chance of being discovered; it is also nothing wrong if you only have your portfolio as a PDF.

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